Group Updates

Some of the latest happenings in the world of Motherson can be found here. Should you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • 13th May 2024

    Motherson Group acquires AD Industries, expands Aerospace and Health & Medical capabilities

    We are thrilled to announce that AD INDUSTRIES has become a part of the Motherson Group. We warmly welcome the ADI team as they join our family.
    AD Industries specialises in manufacturing components and sub-assemblies across four key divisions - sheet metal, hydraulics, mechanical assemblies, and composites. This strategic acquisition provides Motherson with the advanced capability to work with hard metals, soft metals, and composites simultaneously, positioning us uniquely in the aerospace ecosystem. Additionally, the acquisition unlocks significant opportunities in the Health and Medical sector by leveraging composite capabilities to innovate new products and target emerging applications.
    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our stakeholders and customers for their unwavering support as we embark on this exciting journey with AD Industries. We will keep you updated as we harness this collaboration to drive innovation, growth, and excellence in the industry. Stay tuned for further updates!

  • 29th April 2024

    Irillic joins Motherson Group, enhances medical imaging capabilities

    We are thrilled to announce that Irillic Pvt.Ltd. has joined the Motherson Group and warmly welcome the Irillic team to the Motherson family.
    Irillic is a company that specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing real-time Fluorescence Imaging and 4K Laparoscopy Imaging systems for the medical device ecosystem. Their in-house developed products provide real-time visualisations for a wide range of minimally invasive surgeries, helping doctors make more informed decisions, perform new procedures, and reduce complications.
    As we embark on this exciting journey with Irillic, we express our gratitude for the unwavering support of our stakeholders and customers in all our endeavours. This acquisition brings a wealth of new opportunities and enhances our capabilities, which we are confident will drive excellence and create even more value for our customers.

  • 11th April 2024

    The Motherson Story

    Since its humble beginning in 1975, Motherson has been on a fascinating journey. Our vision is to become a globally preferred sustainable solutions provider to OEMs worldwide. With the support of our customers, investors, employees, and all other stakeholders, we have come a long way.

  • 8th April 2024

    Motherson Group has successfully completed the acquisition of Lumen Group.

    We are excited to announce that the Lumen Group has officially joined the Motherson Group, and we extend a warm welcome to the Lumen Team as they join the Motherson family.
    The Lumen Group specialises in designing, manufacturing, and providing OEM-certified automotive parts, accessories, and dealer-fit products. With the successful completion of this acquisition, Motherson is now poised to consolidate and diversify its offerings to customers, particularly in the dealer-fit automotive parts and accessories business. This expansion enhances our product portfolio and presents opportunities for global scalability, a testament to our commitment to meeting our customers' evolving needs.
    We thank our stakeholders and customers for their unwavering support as we embark on this exciting journey with the Lumen Group. Together, we will continue to drive excellence and create value for our customers worldwide.