Business Divisions

Motherson Group serves its customers with multiple products and services through its 12 business divisions. With the support of the customers, these divisions continue to grow stronger and become more diverse and help Motherson move closer to its Vision of being a globally preferred sustainable solutions provider. The three major divisions of the group are Wiring Harness, Vision Systems and Modules and Polymer Products which contribute more than ninety-five percent to the group revenues.
Below are the 12 business divisions of Motherson. 

  • Wiring Harness

    The Wiring Harness division of Motherson is a full service system supplier with complete in-house design, development and manufacturing capability. It is one of the most vertically integrated business divisions with a product range that promotes technological advancement across both the automotive and non-automotive sectors that it supplies to.

  • Vision Systems

    Motherson is one of the leading global suppliers of vision systems to the automotive industry and the product range includes interior mirrors, exterior mirrors and camera-based detection which it supplies to almost all major OEMs. Vision Systems is aided by strong vertical integration and provides full-service solutions to its customers.

  • Modules & Polymer Products

    The division encompasses the largest business line in Motherson. It develops and produces a highly diversified product range from simple plastic parts to highly integrated systems and modules, supplying to OEMs globally. The group also exhibits capabilities in mould design and tooling and is engaged in the manufacturing of premium upholstery for passenger vehicle applications.

  • Integrated Assemblies

    The division specialises in integrated premium module assembly and delivery solutions for the automotive industry. As a prominent global provider of services for the automotive industry, we work closely with customers and hold a leading position as a cockpit module integrator. With advanced technical expertise, the division upholds high-quality standards and aligns with the industry's electrification transition.

  • Elastomers

    The Elastomers division supplies a wide range of elastomer-based solutions and products to a spectrum of industries including automotive, medical, home appliances and general industrial applications. The in-house rubber mixing facilities guarantee extensive technical capabilities in the formulation and development of rubber compounds.

  • Lighting & Electronics

    The division consists of a spectrum of businesses that focus on OEM supplies and also do business through direct channels. The product portfolio includes exterior lighting and electronics, passenger car HVAC & compressors, body control module, struts, shock absorbers and products for backward integration. The division also engages in the area of direct B2B supply.

  • Precision Metals & Modules

    The division is a full system solutions provider for any metal processing including integration of higher level assembly. It offers an array of products in precision machining; modules like cabins for off-highway vehicles and HVAC systems; body parts and process equipment to a wide spectrum of industries.

  • Technology & Industrial Solutions

    The division focuses on technology, engineering and manufacturing solutions. It sustains the digital foundation of the group’s global operations. It also caters to external clients from different industries globally. This division has a futuristic approach in understanding industry trends and providing solutions. The division has also forayed in the healthcare IT solutions and telematics.

  • Logistics Solutions

    The Logistics division of Motherson aims to bring in efficiency, technology and specialisation in the automotive supply chain. It deals with the logistics of finished vehicles in both the groups’ internal supply chain as well as for external customers.

  • Aerospace

    The Aerospace division of Motherson brings the current capabilities of the group in areas such as wiring harnesses and plastics — into the aerospace industry by providing integrated solutions. The division is simultaneously engaged in developing new products in order to increase its foothold in this segment.

  • Health & Medical

    The division is driven by its purpose of positively impacting lives globally by helping people become healthy, and stay healthy. The division works towards realising this by providing products, solutions and services that help people manage and improve their health, and enable people to access affordable care of the highest quality.

  • Services

    The division consists of several businesses that engage in direct sales and services to end customers and supports their manufacturing operations. The business portfolio includes an industrial park; manufacturing engineering, consultation, project management and turnkey supplies to the automotive industry and trading of machine tools and hydraulic products.