Global Presence

Motherson supports customers through its over 380 facilities operating in 43 countries across North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia. Customers are served globally by over 190,000 professionals, who are all part of Motherson.

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Globally present, regionally supported

Motherson is expanding its ventures across the globe at a high pace. To support this growth and the well-being of all of our branches, teams and employees, the six regional headquarters, the ‘Regional Chairman’s Offices’ were established. The Regional Chairman’s Offices act autonomously for their respective regions and cover the following regional departments and responsibilities: mergers and acquisitions, legal and corporate affairs, TTF (treasury, tax, finance), internal audits, deep dive teams, performance enhancement teams, human capital, regional communication, administration. The regional headquarters are located in all the core automotive regions of the world:

  • Americas
  • China
  • Europe and North Africa
  • Japan
  • South Asia, Middle East and Mauritius
  • South East Asia, Australia, South Africa and South Korea