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Wiring Harness

Motherson Wiring Harness Division specialises in products that enable mobility around the world by being part of its customers’ transportation vehicles and helping people and businesses move around the globe, every single day.

Products supplied by the company ensure the power supply and data transfer in various modes of transport and they play a key role in ensuring the safety and reliability of these vehicles.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of wiring harnesses and electrical components globally and is a complete solutions provider to all its customers - from the product and concept development with complete in-house design capability & global engineering support to manufacturing and aftersales service. The division’s vertical integration supports its customers with increased content and capabilities; components manufacturing, testing & validation and production engineering as well as enterprise production planning systems.

 Fulfilling the commitments on the quality and delivery of products makes Motherson a significant name in the transportation industry. The company is the market leader in passenger car wiring harnesses in India and for heavy, medium and light-duty commercial vehicles in China, North America and Europe. The company also has a strong presence in European two-wheeler, material handling equipment, and rolling stock markets globally. 

Customer segments include:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Two-wheelers and recreational vehicles
  • Agricultural machines
  • Commercial vehicles (heavy, medium and light-duty)
  • Rolling stock (trains, trams, locomotives, electrical buses)
  • Construction and material handling equipment 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP) systems
  • Other industrial applications such as medical diagnostic equipment, white goods, office automation

Partnership with global technology leaders:  

In 1986, a joint venture with Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., a global leader in the manufacture of wiring harnesses, harness components, and other electric wire resulted in Motherson entering this segment. The joint venture is one of the oldest in India and has provided Motherson with a robust technology base and support in building a culture of excellence. 

Motherson continues to embrace the latest market innovations by combining forces with global technology leaders in major business areas.  The division formed a joint venture with Kyungshin Corporation- Korea in 1997. This joint venture was formed to cater to the needs of integrated wiring harness manufacturing for one of its most valued customers for its complete range of cars manufactured in India. 

In addition, the division has three joint venture partners in China, for the manufacturing of wiring harnesses: Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd., Hubei Zhengao Auto Accessories Group Co. Ltd., and Jiangsu Huakai Wire Harness Co., Ltd. 

Number of facilities
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Electrical distribution systems (EDS)

Motherson is into designing, manufacturing and integrating cutting edge Electrical & Electronic Distribution Systems (Wiring Harness Systems) for power supply or data transfer across all vehicle segments as well as on other industrial applications. Core strengths include mass customisation and the  ability to integrate into the customer's operating environment and deliver tailored, cost-efficient solutions that provide a unique competitive advantage in the market. 

The division follows the principles of just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) manufacturing and delivery as per the requirements of the customer supply chain. The engineering centres of the group help develop technologically advanced solutions as per industry requirements to continuously improve its processes. 

Digitalisation of the wiring harness manufacturing process targets zero defect,  shorter set up times and reducing rework, CAPEX and shorter assembly and test times. Digital assembly boards, colour detection and component presence sensors and on-line work instruction are few systems developed to simplify the processes at wiring harness plants. 


The wiring division is one of the most vertically integrated business divisions of Motherson, which provides it a huge competitive advantage. It helps to control the quality of the products, enables better cost control and aids in reducing the delivery time. It also reduces the risk of relying on tier II partners for critical inputs. 

The capability of designing mechanical parts and manufacturing of jigs, fixtures, applicators, circuit checking and assembly boards, supported by state-of-the-art facilities for the wiring harness and component testing, makes the company a full system solutions provider.

Wiring harness components

  • Wires
  • Terminals 
  • Connectors 
  • Caps and sleeves 
  • Grommets 
  • Clamps and binders 
  • Junction boxes 
  • Fuse boxes 
  • Protectors 
  • Relay boxes 
  • Wire seals 
  • High tension cords 
  • Battery cables 
  • Mechanical assemblies in house production of mechanical parts 


Power modules

Power distribution modules are designed to deliver power intelligently from the main power source to remote systems throughout the vehicle. DC/DC converters, battery management systems, and power distribution units are examples in-vehicle electronics where the company is developing optimised and in some cases customised customer-specific solutions.

Electrical cabinets and power packs

Wiring Harness Division develops and manufactures electrical cabinets, power packs, converters and drivers desks and other components for rolling stock, the energy industry and the material handling industry. Electrical cabinets and power packs applications include passenger trains, light rail vehicles, metros, locomotives, wind energy, port solutions, machine constructors and stationary power systems.

The division has also expanded its product portfolio and delivers high voltage products for electrical buses, contributing to sustainable transportation.

Enterprise Resource Planning system

Division also develops a unique ERP solution, which enables managing the complexity of the product & operating environment and delivers high quality individually tailored products and thousands of product variants with short delivery time. A unique feature in Wise ERP system is the real-time item balance forecast, providing instant data required in sales, manufacturing and purchase processes. Information on purchase and production demands, possible delays, rescheduling or cancellation needs is immediately available to different parties without having to perform a separate MRP run. Wise is currently being used in the electronics industry, wiring harness, machine, equipment, mechanics and printed circuit board manufacturing as well as in the environmental technology industry. 

Product engineering

Motherson believes in co-creating solutions with customers across the transportation segment for wiring harness systems. It supports the customers by providing optimised solutions in the design and development of electrical distribution systems, electronics and related architectural components. The company proactively senses the emerging trends in the industry and paves the way to develop the capabilities accordingly. 

  • Develop a pool of data, information and resources related to existing and advanced electrical and electronic distribution systems and products. This enables Motherson to offer viable, sustainable and advanced products to customers by adhering to the industry’s finest concepts.
  • Mature simulation and CAE practices support the division in crashing time to market and optimising the design and development cost. 
  • All types of advanced manufacturing technology, as well as in-house 3-D printing facility, helps in swiftly testing design concepts for parts as well as at the vehicle level.

In-house application tooling

  • Process innovation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process is the focal point for the production engineering team.
  • Comprehensive in-house production engineering capabilities that include process design, crimp tooling, assembly tooling, test tooling and special purpose machine designing and development capabilities.
  • In house tool design and development capabilities help in keeping controls on quality, cost and lead times.
  • Process design is focused on the elimination of raw material waste, optimal consumption of power, air and water

Testing and validation

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 [NABL] Certified Laboratory equipped to conduct various kinds of design validation testing required by different OEMs.
  • Ability to perform tests as per various National & International standards (IS, ISO, ASTM, JIS, JASO, etc.) including  OEM specific standards.
  • Analytical ability of equipment which helps in swiftly & accurately establishing the cause of any failure for product & process improvisation. 
  • Calibration facility is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 [NABL] certified, which ensures all measuring and test equipment used in the laboratory and manufacturing plants always meet the established calibration standards to ensure the integrity of the test results.


  • Conveyorised assembly lines and capability of specialised processes such as braiding, over moulding, heat resistance welding, ultrasonic welding online printing etc.
  • Advanced material planning systems to enable sequence production and efficient use of materials
  • Digital assembly boards that range from single lead simple assemblies to large multi-hundred lead assemblies that include small to large complex connection systems
  • Highly skilled human resources with EASY training programs to build necessary skillsets for generic and special manufacturing skills 
  • Principles of ergonomics are practiced while designing workstations and assembly lines
  • Equipment is built with appropriate guarding and regular training provided to employees to ensure the highest level of safety to prevent injuries to them. Environmental management systems and processes in place to reduce the use of energy and water as well as the amount of wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous) generated 

The combination of design, development, prototyping & validation throughout the entire development period, quality, infrastructure, technology helps Motherson emerge as a complete service provider in wiring harnesses to its customers. The driving force behind this is to facilitate proximity for supplying just-in-time to the customer wherever they are and cater to their requirements. 


  • Kyungshin Industrial Motherson Private Limited (KIML)
  • Motherson Electrical Wire Lanka Pvt. Ltd. (MWL)
  • Motherson Sumi Auxiliary Products (MSAP)
  • Motherson Sumi Electric Wires (MSEW)
  • Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited (MSWIL)
  • MSSL GB Ltd.
  • MSSL Ireland Pvt. Ltd.
  • MSSL Mideast FZE
  • MSSL Wiring System INC. (MWSI)
  • PKC Group
  • Wisetime Oy

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