Among the world’s major producers of rearview vision systems for the automotive industry

Vision Systems

Motherson is one of the largest producers of rearview vision systems for the automotive industry, and supplies interior mirrors, exterior mirrors and camera-based detection systems to almost all major car makers globally. The company develops solutions for all categories of automotive mirror applications: from basic manually adjusted exterior and interior mirrors to electric control and high-value rearview vision systems with multiple integrated features and a high-performance camera-based rearview camera monitoring systems.

The division also specialises in critical components to build sub-assemblies integrated into vision systems, such as light units, electric drive units, camera modules, electronic modules and reflector glass modules.

A joint venture with Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd. in China helps in the manufacturing of rearview mirrors in this region.

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Exterior mirrors

The company serves manufacturers of almost all types of vehicles and is proud to be one of the global market leaders in the field of external rearview mirrors, with significant market shares in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Motherson is also a technology leader, with a broad variety of market launches of new features and technologies in this product range.

The division is characterised by high vertical integration. The various components that are developed and produced by the division to form the mirror modules include:

  • Reflector glass units
  • High gloss moulding
  • Advanced surfaces
  • Glass actuators
  • Power fold mechanisms
  • Telescopic actuation solutions
  • Led turn signal lamps
  • Ground illumination lamps
  • Logo projection lamps
  • Blind spot warning lamp
  • Rearview monitoring cameras
  • Surround-view cameras
  • Image processing units
  • BUS control electronics
  • Wiring harnesses

Our competitive advantage stems from ongoing innovations and contributions from a worldwide network of highly motivated experts in research, design and manufacturing. We believe that is why numerous leading carmakers choose to partner with Motherson for the development of innovative and cost-optimised solutions.

Interior mirrors

Interior mirrors are manufactured by Motherson around the globe, ranging from simple prismatic versions to complex multi-functional and digital systems. The strong technology expertise enables the application of high-class materials, components and surfaces and the integration of electronic communication features into an aesthetic and technically superior product.

Camera monitoring systems

The company is a pioneer in high-performance camera technologies for automotive applications. With the world’s first camera-based intelligent blind spot detection system, introduced in 2005, Motherson has established this new and fast-evolving product segment. Motherson has in-house experts for all components, which are relevant to provide complete full system solutions such as:

  • Rearview monitoring systems for cars and trucks
  • Maneuvering aid cameras for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks
  • Vehicle exterior-mounted modules with integrated cameras, actuation, high-class surfaces and light features
  • Vehicle interior integrated display solutions

Motherson’s experts in research, engineering and production are specialising in camera modules, software, hardware, display solutions and the mechanical integration of complete systems. The group’s strategic strength is the combination of high-quality optical components, cutting-edge image processing technology, and its broad experience in automotive interior and exterior products and modules.


  • Moulding technologies: injection moulding, gas injection moulding, high gloss moulding, 2K-moulding, compression moulding, elastomer moulding etc.
  • Automated robot-aided painting
  • Decorative surfaces solutions, from thin-layer overmoulding to new PVD-coatings
  • High volume manufacturing of electric glass actuator units and electric mirror fold mechanisms for all vehicles and price segments.
  • In-house development and manufacturing of lighting systems
  • Mirror-glass processing
  • Electronic software development and hardware production
  • High-efficient automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly
  • 100% line-end testing and quality management tools

Product engineering

  • Project management, development and product launch processes according to the highest international standards and flexibility to meet individual customer’s requirements
  • Up to date and flexible with all leading CAD and FEM tools
  • Engineering specialists in structural design, tooling, lighting, actuation, cameras and electronics. The division also works in CAD Concept, Simulation, Moldflow Analysis, Prototyping, Testing
  • Cost reduction through economics-driven engineering. Maximising integration and standardisation
  • Offering solutions for CO2 reduction, material reduction and energy consumption
  • Improving traffic safety by providing solutions for the avoidance of accidents


Motherson has a long tradition of inventing outstanding solutions providing cost optimisation, increasing comfort, enhancing safety and unique styling. Innovations, which had been introduced to the automotive market by Motherson include:

  • Turn signal lamps in exterior mirrors
  • LIN-bus-systems in exterior mirrors
  • Camera-based blind spot detection systems
  • Light guide style turn signal lamps
  • Power telescopic and power folding mirrors for light trucks
  • Reflectors made from PlasticGlass
  • Mirror integrated ground logo projection lamps

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