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Health & Medical

The Health & Medical division is focused on helping people everywhere become and stay healthy, and enabling access to high-quality affordable care for everyone. This is done by providing innovative products, solutions and services in markets globally.

The division uses its deep expertise in product design, engineering, artificial intelligence as well as other cutting edge and emerging technologies, to design and take to market innovative first-of-their-kind products. With its deep collaborations with universities, hospital systems and research centres around the world, the division remains at the forefront of emerging science and innovation in the health and medical space, using it to continuously expand its portfolio to positively impact lives at a global scale.

Motherson is uniquely positioned to provide its partners with a simple, effective and highly resilient globally local solution for manufacturing, assembly and supply of their products. The Health & Medical division engages with medical equipment and medical device companies to forge strategic partnerships with Motherson for global manufacturing solutions that create and unlock value for them, and mitigate potential risks and disruptions to their global supply chains.

Motherson strongly believes that fostering widespread, yet focused, innovation is critical to achieving its goals of helping people become healthy and stay healthy, and enabling access to affordable quality care for all. The Health & Medical division actively engages with startups, research groups and national programs across the world and assists them to develop and bring their products to market.

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Thim Ring

This well-being innovation has been developed in partnership with Flinders University, Australia to help people beat insomnia. This wearable product in the form of a ring works on the concept of sleep conditioning, a training module wherein the brain is trained to sleep sooner and stay asleep. A user-friendly app comes along with the product that guides the user with statistics of training while tracking their sleep patterns. It is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary product launched recently in the market.


Re-Timer is a Class II device, developed to help people re-time their body clocks and improve sleep. Re-Timer works on blue-light therapy and suppresses melatonin production to influence sleep cycles. Light Therapy has been used for curing Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) for over decades now. Re-Timer uses that very Light Therapy to regulate the user’s daily rhythms through hormone production, which tells the body when to sleep and when to wake up.

Today, Re-Timer is assembled in a state of the art cleanroom, in Adelaide, Australia. Re-Timer has been sold in more than 40 different countries worldwide and is the world’s number one selling wearable light therapy device.

Face Shield

Face Shield is a mask specifically designed for medical purposes, in order to guard the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth during patient care examine and procedures. For the staff to protect themselves from the risk of generating splashes of blood, body fluids, excretions or secretions, this product is a must. Motherson Medical Australia team was behind the research, design and development of this product. 

This product was supplied to the South Australia State Government Agency and now is slowly becoming an essential in the medical world.

Emerging Products

MaxM Skate 

MaXm Skate is a simple, yet highly sophisticated medical device supplemented with an e-health software solution to facilitate monitored patient rehabilitation after a total, revised or partial knee replacement surgery. Working with an Orthopaedic surgeon, Motherson Innovations, Australia has designed and manufactured the skate which is currently under clinical trials.

This aftercare product is catering to the patients who find the recovery post knee-replacement challenging and extremely strenuous.  


Motherson in partnership with the University of Melbourne is developing a 3DBioPen which provides Orthopaedic surgeons with a controlled delivery method for a new procedure to repair damaged knee cartilage. This innovation is a hand-held device, used in research and development activities to define and test suitable materials to be used to print live stem cells that promote regrowth of cartilage using the patient’s own live and growing cells.

3DBioPen is currently undergoing animal trials. 

In-Vitro Medical Devices

Motherson is developing cutting edge automous solutions in the In-Vitro diagnostic space, especially catering to the point of care setting. The device will provide affordable, rapid laboratory grade results in a simple to use form. 

The devices use neural network based deep learning algorithms, combined with precision mechanics, optics and innovativations in bio-chemistry.

The early version of the device will deliver the frequently used blood tests, enabling the completion of a doctors diagnosis in one single visit, eliminating the need for a trip to the laboratory. The equipment consists of a set of a disposable single-use cartridge which will prepare a blood slide within minutes, and the analyser which generates the readings and the reports.


Healthcare Solutions

Motherson works with organizations in their digital transformation journey & assists them with customer centric product and services, focusing on compliances, patient & drug safety and operational excellence. 


  • Health Tech Solutions: Technology-enabled healthcare products and services to improve patient care delivery,  decrease operational costs, increase patient engagement and focus on patient-centric services using digital innovative solutions.
  • Med Tech Solutions: Technology offerings in a patient care setting, which covers capital equipment and surgical procedure innovations, through connected health IT.
  • Pharma Tech: Innovative technologies to provide solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies at various steps throughout drug manufacturing lifecycle – supporting companies in complying to drug safety norms during production, supporting solutions on regulatory approval, and market access.
  • Wellness: Digital wellness apps for an individual to maintain health records, help improve state of being healthy in body & mind.



  • The Health and Medical division has expertise in product design, engineering, and artificial intelligence to design and take to market innovative MedTech products. 
  • Global partnerships and network for development, validation and launch of products and services
  • Highly resilient globally local supply chain for manufacture and assembly of health, wellness and medical equipment and devices (including components and assemblies
  • Manufacturing capability spanning polymers, modules, tooling, elastomers, wires and wiring harnesses, optical systems, electronics, coating and painting, metals, air handling


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