Providing complete solutions in Precision Metals & Modules

Precision Metals & Modules

The businesses and competencies covered under this division together address nearly the entire range of automotive components in metal spacing. The division has successfully established all the required technologies for any metal processing, including the integration of higher-level assembly.

The group provides complete solutions in metalworking right from manufacturing to marketing a wide range of standard and customised cutting tools, gear cutting tools and machining of high precision metal machined components together with thin-film coating services. The product portfolio also includes press stamped parts; sintered metal parts; aluminium die casted products; thin film coating services of various tools and parts and manufacturing, marketing and installation of plastic material processing equipment and intelligent cooling systems. Coupled with in-house design and development expertise, this enables the group to provide highly customised solutions as per customer requirements. The division is also into the manufacturing, assembling, marketing and selling of complete HVAC systems and components for off-highway and commercial vehicles and buses, roof hatches and cabins for off-highway vehicles.

Collaboration with global technology leaders

Important joint ventures have been forged in this division to fulfil the customer requirements with best in class technical expertise from global technology leaders.  

We have joint venture partnerships for our different product segments with global industry leaders: Bergstrom Inc. (USA) for climate control systems, Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles (Germany) for air conditioners and roof hatches for buses, F Holding GmbH, Austria (Fritzmeier Group) for cabins for off-highway vehicles, Sumitomo Electric Industries (Japan) for cutting tools, Nissin Electric Co. Ltd. (Japan) for thin film coating metals, Matsui Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Japan), for auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines and Frigel Firenze S.p.A. (Italy) for intelligent process cooling.

By acquiring technologies from global technology leaders and combining them with in-house design and development expertise, Motherson is able to meet more complex and exacting customer requirements.

Full System Solutions Provider

Various technologies and capabilities within the division make it full system solutions to its customers across industries. 

This division has been further divided into four sub-divisions:

Modules: Competencies include 2D and 3D Laser, CNC Press Brake Multiple Station, CNC Tube Laser, Mandrel Bending, Jigs, Fixtures, Welding manipulator, CED Dip Process etc.

Precision machining:  Expertise in turning, drilling, grooving, milling tools and machining

Body parts: Expertise in milling, cold and hot stamping, tandem lines, automatic blanking and high-speed transfer press

Process equipment: This segment includes patented adiabatic processing cooling solutions which are fast replacing the traditional cooling towers and auxiliary equipment in segments ranging from automotive to packaging to extrusion and healthcare.

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HVAC systems

Manufactures HVAC for off-highway vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses


  • HVAC application systems and components for commercial vehicles, construction, off-highway vehicles and agricultural equipment. Our services include designing, assembling, marketing and selling of complete HVAC systems for off-highway and commercial vehicles.
  • Provides end-to-end solutions for HVAC systems
  • HVAC for buses involve tailor-made cooling concepts for all markets, customers and bus types taking any requirements of environment or climate conditions into account.

Cabins for off-highway vehicles

Manufactures operator cabins for off-highway machines like heavy-duty dump-trucks, excavators, dozers, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and agricultural tractor cabins for the domestic and export requirements of customers in India.

The operator cabin is a high-level module consisting of over 1000 sub-assemblies including base structure, instrument panel, Doors assembly, HVAC System, Steering column etc.


  • Manufacturing cabins through cutting edge technology adopted to meet high levels of international safety requirements like ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) & FOPS (Fall Over Protective Structure).
  • Design capabilities that help us understand and fulfil the requirements of our customers. 


Cutting tools & coating

Cutting Tools

A comprehensive range of metal cutting solutions, both standard as well as customised. Cutting tools are optimised considering the work material and application requirement for turning, milling, drilling, reaming, boring, tool holding, hole edge machining, broaching and gear cutting. Application knowledge is provided on these cutting tools with a team of trained engineers located close to the customers all across India.  Apart from cutting tools, spline gauges, mandrels and master gears are also manufactured in India. 


  • Multi-corner coated CBN inserts for Hard Part Turning (HPT)
  • PCD reamers for one plunge finishing of multiple hole profiles
  • Milling cutters to achieve high feed milling or high-quality milled surface
  • Self-centring drills with high feed capability and patented coating for tool life
  • Carbide inserts with ABSOTECH coating provide stable tool life for various work material like steel, cast iron, stainless steel and exotic alloys
  • Tool holders that transfer the rigidity and precision of machine spindle to cutting tool
  • Fine boring for precise holes developed with deep knowledge in this subject
  • Hole edge machining automation that avoids the involvement of manual work or an additional set-up
  • Pioneers in broach designing and manufacturing in India with one of the best-integrated manufacturing setups. Also one of the few spline gauge manufacturers in India, with a Wire EDM manufacturing process
  • Machining solutions are available across the Industry segments like automotive, aerospace, die and mould, energy, railways, general engineering, etc

Thin film coating 

A wide range of standard as well as customised coating solutions on cutting tools, dies and moulds, automotive components and machine elements through our facilities across India.


  • PVD coating enhances the performance of cutting tools whether it is solid carbide drills or hobs.
  • These coatings also improve the life of dies and moulds as well as functional components. 
  • Environment-friendly coatings. 


Sintered metal parts

Metal parts

Manufacturing of powder metal sintered parts that include engine parts, transmission parts, oil pump parts, water pump parts, shocker parts, VCT parts, etc. in India.

Process equipment

Intelligent cooling solutions

Centralised adiabatic closed-loop cooler, centralised chiller (air and water-cooled), machine side chiller/booster/temperature controller, machine side booster/temperature controller, mould temperature controller, heat and cool mould temperature controller, dehumidifying dryer, cap cooler, VFD pumping station, filtration and buffer SS tank, cooling system digital control panel, machine interactive database management system.


  • Undertakes manufacturing, marketing, installation and servicing of intelligent cooling systems in India and SAARC region.

Auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines

Manufacturing of equipment – Dehumidifying dryer, hot air dryer, mould temperature controller, vacuum loader, granulator, chiller, blender, dosing unit, material tank, centralised conveying system, dosing unit, descaling pump, all-metal separator and silo. 


  • Designing, manufacturing, assembly, installation and servicing of a comprehensive range of auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines.
  • Segments served to include automotive, PET, healthcare, extrusion, pharmaceutical, tyre & rubber, household and food industry.


Machine Tools Accessories and Cutting Oils

Provides machine tools accessories, machining and grinding coolant, metalworking and hydraulic pumps,  CBN/ diamond grinding wheels for demanding applications.


  • Automated arm type tapping machine
  • Hydraulic pumps for injection moulding machines
  • Coolant pumps for CNC machines
  • CBN and diamond grinding wheels for grinding difficult materials.
  • Roll diamond dressers
  • Dressing and honing sticks
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Magnetic separators
  • CNC gear hobbing/ gear shaving/ gear tooth chamfering/ grinding and re-sharpening machines
  • CNC gear and gear tools measuring machines
  • Water-soluble coolant/ metalworking fluids


Sheet metal parts

Specialises in cabin-in- white (pressed sheet metal business) and frames for chassis for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its range of components includes floor upper body and closure assemblies, skin panels, for passenger cars and trucks. 


  • The state of the art facility includes high pressure and low-pressure tandem line, high-speed transfer press line, robotic assembly lines, automated powder coating plant and chassis assembly lines.
  • Capability for hot stamping technology which is used for producing car body frame parts. This technology not only reduces the weight of the parts by nearly 40% but also increase the strength by three times of the parts.


Precision parts

Manufactures high precision turned parts for fuel pumps, fuel injection systems, emission controls, brake systems and pressure sensors and for a wide range of applications including computers, test and measuring equipment, scientific equipment, machinery parts, valve body parts, hydraulic cylinder parts, drive motion parts, cooling system - heat sinks etc. in India.


  • World-class capabilities in any kind of turning operation specifically focused on high precision parts and also critical application metal components. Specialises in metal turning and plastic-metal combined parts. Manufacturing facilities include state-of-the-art CNC machines and highly customised special purpose machines, bi-metal brazing supported by surface treatment and metrological measuring facilities.


  • Motherson DeltaCarb Advanced Metal Solutions SA.
  • Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (FICS)
  • Fritzmeier Motherson Cabin Engineering Private Limited (FMCEL)
  • Matsui Technologies India Ltd. (MTIL)
  • Motherson Bergstrom HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MBSL)
  • Motherson Techno Tools Ltd. (MTTL)
  • Motherson Techno Tools – ME (MTTL ME)
  • Motherson Machinery & Automations Ltd. (MMAL)
  • Samvardhana Motherson Stamping and Assemblies (SMS)
  • Nirvana Niche Products Pvt. Ltd. (NNP)
  • Nissin Advanced Coating Indo Co. Private Limited (NACIL)
  • Rollon Hydraulics Private Limited
  • Samvardhana Motherson Innovative Solutions (SMISL)
  • Valeo Motherson Thermal Commercial Vehicles India Ltd. (VMTI)
  • Motherson Innovative Engineering Solutions (MINES)
  • Motherson Techno Precision Mexico (MTPMEX)

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