Offers multiple elastomer-based solutions and products to a spectrum of industries


Motherson provides a wide range of solutions in elastomer processing ranging from rubber compounding to injection moulded rubber parts, rubber to metal bonded parts/ assembly parts, and extruded rubber components for a spectrum of industries including automotive, medical, home appliances and general industrial applications.

The group manufactures extruded rubber components and has in-house rubber mixing facilities. It has a non-tyre-related rubber mixing plant in Australia having extensive technical capabilities in the formulation and development of rubber compounds with over 1900 formulae to cover a wide range of applications. The in-house rubber mixing facilities in India and Australia guarantee extensive technical capabilities in the formulation and development of rubber compounds.

High-performance rubber solutions

Built on a foundation of strong commitment and world-class capabilities, Motherson is one of the leading rubber manufacturers and is the only manufacturer of the Silentbloc TM anti-vibration range in India and Australia. The division envisages great opportunities for its elastomers business to cater to different market segments and has come up with over 19,000 formulae for a wide range of applications, including 15 different polymers.

In addition, it has garnered strong abilities in developing rubber compounds and also has a non-tyre-related rubber mixing plant to service the customers’ need for technological advancements. The extrusion portfolio of the company consists of rubber profile and hoses extrusion with online and o…line curing systems. Motherson has the capability to do multiple layer hoses and profiles for various automotive and industrial applications.

Number of facilities
Number of countries

Products and Capabilities

Products Range:

  • Door Grommets
  • Pads & Bushes
  • Gaskets & O-Rings
  • NVH Components
  • Vibration Mounts
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Rubber To Metal Bonded Parts
  • Large Engine Gaskets
  • Rubber To Plastic Bonded Parts
  • Reinforced Hoses
  • Drain Tubes
  • Fuel Hoses
  • Engine Cooling Hoses
  • Extruded rubber profiles
  • Weather strips
  • Glass run
  • Boot and hood seals
  • Calendared Sheets


  • Complete solution provider from components designing to serial deliveries including validation.
  • The capability of producing black/ coloured compounds for specific requirements.
  • Manufactures rubber compound, moulded rubber parts, extruded profile and hoses, calendaring sheets, rubber to plastic, rubber to metal, TPE / TPR / TPV components.
  • Currently has more than 1900 material formulations which include 15 different polymers to support moulded & extruded rubber products for automotive, construction and industrial applications.
  • Multiple manufacturing processes all under one roof including automatic mixing, close loop rubber injection moulding machines, fully electric plastic moulding machines, microwave extrusion lines, hoses extrusion lines with autoclave, cryogenic deflashing, ultrasonic cleaning system, clean room, assembly equipment etc.


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